An interview is your chance to make a good impression and there are certain rules you should follow to give yourself the best chance of getting the job. Preparation and practice is the key to a successful job interview.

  1. PUNCTUALITY: Be on time, check the location and even have a trial journey the day before.
  2. DRESS SMARTLY: Suited and booted, if you look good you’ll feel good!
  3. PREPARATION: Be sure to research the company, its products, the role and the market place.
  4. YOUR CV: Explain each position, give examples of achievement and reasons for leaving.
  5. SELL YOURSELF: Explain why your skills would benefit the role and why this job is perfect for you!
  6. PROVE YOURSELF: Give examples of your experience and match these with the company’s needs.
  7. STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Make a mental list that is relevant to the position, turn negatives into positives.
  8. BE CONCISE: Be direct and to the point. Don’t waffle!
  9. ALWAYS LISTEN: Concentrate, don’t interrupt and listen to what the interviewer is saying
  10. ASK QUESTIONS: Think of relevant questions about the company and the position before your interview.
  11. BODY LANGUAGE: Remember 80% of communication is non-verbal, keep eye contact and smile!
  12. CLOSE THE INTERVIEW: At the end of the interview try to find out how the interviewer thought it went and whether they have any reservations regarding your application as this is the best time to counter them.